Blockchain Research Network is live!

We’ve grown! And we’re officially live!

Over the past month I have added over a thousand bibliographic entries to the Blockchain Research Network, switched to a new bibliography system (changing WordPress plugins from Teachpress to Zotpress), and generally cleaned up much of the system. I have also checked the bibliography against Christian Decker’s “comprehensive” collection, which required days of labourious de-duping, cleaning metadata, and downloading full texts. Today, the Blockchain Research Network is easily the most comprehensive resource on cryptocurrency and blockchain research (that I’m aware of).

Even though I have purposefully not advertised or announced the site up to this point, some people have already found the site and registered. Hopefully these early users have found the site to be useful. There’s lots to do still, but I think the site is finally ready to be announced to the world.

So, I hope you’ll register, add events, CFPs, and whitepapers, contribute to introductory documents and special topics, and edit the bibliography (currently, the bibliography can only be edited from within the Zotero group, but I’m working on figuring out ways to improve this).

Currently, the Blockchain Research Network has about 2,000 publications and 900 full text PDFs. These publications are comprised of approximately 40 books, 60 student theses, 65 book chapters, 430 conference papers, 540 unpublished manuscripts, and 820 journal articles.

We are looking for contributors of all kinds. In addition to helping create the bibliography, we need general and special editors. If you are an active cryptocurrency or blockchain scholar and think you might be able to help guide the Blockchain Research Network, please contact me.

Happy researching!

~ Quinn DuPont

Interested in writing a blog post about your research? Contact us with a short pitch.

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