The Blockchain Research Network is a crowdsourced resource that depends on its contributors to grow and improve. Think of it like a blockchain, but with people!

There are many ways to contribute to the network. The best way is to add to the research bibliography or to improve publication metadata. To do so, you need to request access to the bibliography.

There are five types of users on the Blockchain Research Network, each with a different set of permissions and a different role:


Anyone who registers for an account on the Blockchain Research Network site is automatically enrolled as a subscriber. Subscribers have access to metadata search and full-text PDFs. Once full-text search is added to the site (soon), subscribers will have access to full-text search; until then, everyone must use Zotero for full-text search. Subscribers are also able to create listings for academic events, edit research guides, add CFPs, and view the members directory.


Researchers who want to contribute to the Blockchain Research Network can request access. Eventually, contributors will be able to directly add and edit the bibliography from the site. Until this direct editing functionality is added, contributors must use Zotero. But, the process is free and simple: once you have registered a subscriber account, head over to the Zotero group page and request access. Once your request has been approved, you will will be able to contribute to the Zotero research bibliography by adding missing publications or editing existing ones, which then automatically populates the Blockchain Research Network.


For researchers who want to discuss an emerging idea or showcase their existing work, upgrading your account to the author level gives you access to the blog platform. If you are an active researcher interested in writing a blog post, once you have registered a subscriber account (and ideally have a track record as a contributor), fill out the short author upgrade form. An editor will respond to you and work one-on-one with you to develop a suitable blog post.


If you are an active research with a track record of high-quality publications in the field, you might want to consider becoming an editor. The role of the general editor varies, but usually editors will promote the site, engage with the community, and help guide the future direction of the Blockchain Research Network. Special topic editors have the same role as general editors but are also responsible for more specific aspects, such as developing and maintaining research resources like guides and introductory materials. Special topic editors with specific expertise may also help guide contributions to the research bibliography for particular disciplines or topics.

Generally speaking, editors are invited but we encourage self-nomination. Once you have registered a subscriber (or above) account, fill out the short self-nomination editor upgrade form.


Administrators are responsible for maintaining the site infrastructure.

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