Editor in Chief

Quinn DuPont (University College Dublin)

General Editors

Finn Brunton (New York University)

Nigel Dodd (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Michèle Finck (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)

Bill Maurer (University of California, Irvine)

Kevin Werbach (University of Pennsylvania)

Special Topic Editors

Balazs Bodo (University of Amsterdam) | Society & Social Movements

Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn (University of Groningen) | Standards & Regulation

Jeremy Clark (Concordia University) | Security

Primavera De Fillipi (Harvard University) | Law

David Golumbia (Virginia Commonwealth University) | Government & Politics

Victoria Lemieux (University of British Columbia) | Records Management

Gianluca Miscione (University College Dublin) | Information & Organization

Taylor Nelms (Filene Research Institute) | Money

Rachel O’Dwyer (Trinity College Dublin) | Art

Gina Pieters (University of Chicago) | Economics

Wessel Reijers (European University Institute) | Ethics

Fahad Saleh (McGill University) | Finance and Banking

Madhusudan Singh (Woosong University) | IoT

Martin Zeilinger (Anglia Ruskin University) | Art

Site Administrators

Quinn DuPont


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We’re looking for more editors!

We’re especially interested in Special Topic editors for the following:

  • Hardware
  • Industry and Innovation
  • Logistics
  • Performance and Scaling
  • Privacy

We also encourage multiple editor for each topic.

Are you an active researcher and interested in joining the editorial board? Please contact us.