Our vision is to collect and organize high-quality scholarly research in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. While we aspire to be as comprehensive as possible, we recognize that that not all literature is suitable for academic use.

We do not want to duplicate Google or even Google Scholar. Rather, we want to showcase high-quality research, enable discovery of new and emerging ideas, provide access to research, and connect people and their ideas. With these goals in mind, our editorial policy guides editors when making determinations about what research should be included. The following policy is subject to revision.

Inclusion criteria

  • Generally speaking, only English-language research will be included.
  • Research should usually be published (in some sense), with the exception of our whitepapers collection. Completed conference papers are usually considered acceptable, so long as the conference venue is of national or international stature (i.e., no lunchtime lectures, student-only conferences, etc.). Some working papers, preprints, e-prints, and self-archive venues are acceptable, as appropriate for the discipline. For example, scientific, technical, and engineering disciplines often report research findings in e-print venues (such as arXiv.org), which do not necessarily lead to formal publications. Our goal is to recognize the diversity of publication strategies and make determinations about inclusion based on scholarly interest first, and publication venue second. If a publication is available in draft, e-print, or preprint form and published form, we select the published form.
  • Published research should generally be peer-reviewed, but this is not a necessary criterion for inclusion.


We strive to include full-text PDFs to registered users for academic use but we respect copyright claims. Full-text assets must only be uploaded and used in accordance with our Copyright Statement.