• Set up basic technical infrastructure
    • Setup AWS server
    • Install WordPress, theme, and plugins
    • Setup onboarding emails
  • Onboard initial bibliography and content
  • Onboard whitepapers (in progress)
  • Create editorial guidelines
  • Update bibliography and content (ongoing and in progress)
  • Write how-to materials (in progress)
  • Identify and recruit editors and contributors (in progress)
    • Create research guides
  • Public launch
  • Promote site / recruit users
  • Identify and recruit blog writers
  • Develop monthly newsletter


  • Develop plan for longevity
    • Explore funding options (grant/institutional/charity/something else?)
      • Submitting development grant in 2019 (2020). Contact Quinn DuPont to support this grant submission.
    • Expand administrative base
  • Expand and improve functionality
    • Develop on-site full-text search feature (full text PDFs and metadata)
  • Cross-promote / tie-in to existing academic or blockchain activities (e.g., identity services?)

Known issues

The Blockchain Research Network is new and well… kinda experimental.

So, there’s issues:

  • No login encryption (SSL/LTS) Fixed!!

And limited functionality:

  • No on-site full-text search. This is a limitation of the bibliography plugin, Zotpress. This Zotero API supports full-text search returns, but Zotpress is not built to support it.
  •  No on-site bibliographic metadata adding/editing or file upload/editing. Again, this is a limitation of the bibliography plugin, Zotpress, which does not support direct editing.

We’re working on fixing these issues and improving the functionality. The first step is to ask for volunteers. So, if you’re a proficient WordPress administrator/developer, we’d very much appreciate assistance. The second step is to secure funding for future enhancements and to ensure the longevity of the site. We’ll be working on a small grant, so if you’re interested in contributing to this effort, please contact me.

~Quinn DuPont