The Blockchain Research Network bibliography is currently available as a public, closed “group” on Zotero. If you wish to make a contribution to the bibliography, please sign up for Zotero and request access to the group. All group members can add, edit, and delete bibliographic entries.

This is also the only way (currently) to search full-text documents.

When adding entries to the bibliography, please first read the editorial guidelines to see if the item is acceptable for inclusion.

Join the Zotero group here.


As detailed in the roadmap, we plan on enhancing the Blockchain Research Network in the future. Currently we use the Zotpress plugin to access and display the Zotero group bibliography. In the future, we plan on contributing to the development of the Zotpress plugin to enable round-trip editing from within the Blockchain Research Network (without having to leave the site). Other functionality, such as full-text search from within the Blockchain Research Network, is also on the roadmap.

We are also looking to secure a funding source to hire developers to make these contributions to the Zotpress plugin. If you are interested in contributing to this development, through financial or in-kind efforts, please contact Quinn DuPont.